By: Danny Blu

Reviewed by: JakeChambers

He's Back!!!!: saint by DANNY BLU

Following Do Your Worst, his 2013 release, Danny Blu is back again with a new album. This is his second record and saint boasts nine new songs and one danceable remix of a tune from his previous collection. Please allow me to tell you a bit about it.

The Ballad of the Excommunicated opens up the ten cut CD. It's more atmospheric and cinema-graphic than any of the prior work I heard on Do Your Worst. This track is cleverly revisited toward the end of the album and re-titled The Lullaby of the Excommunicated, is an abstract audio experiment. While it won't leave you walking away and whistling an unforgettable melody it does leave a lasting impression layered sounds.

Although saint is seemingly bookended by abstraction, by the second song, Sebastian, Danny Blu returns to pulling catchy hooks out of his creative cap. It's at this point that we know that the party's started and promises to get louder. All Night, the next number, succeeds at increasing the promised celebratory intensity and ends (literally) with a bang.

As with any good big bang it's not a bad idea to slow things down and catch your breath. And as with any good party one shouldn't be too surprised by the hangover that often accompanies the next morning. With the assistance of a trio composed of a pianist and a pair of violinists Danny delivers a vocal performance on Guilty that sounds as if it was tearfully sung on bended knee.

A frequently prescribed and usually self-medicated remedy for that post-party hangover is the time honored hair of the dog that bit you. In this case, it's a fast paced rocker called Something to Believe In that gets you blood back up to a boil in four minutes flat before cutting back the tempo again with Asunder.

The sequence of songs is very well thought out, because they all seem to be setting the stage for saint's pièce de résistance: Dead Like Me. From the two CDs I've heard from Danny Blu, Dead Like Me is the crown of creation. Fast, furious and fun are the best three words I can come up with to describe it.

Rounding out and ending the recoding are As It Seems and the aforementioned remix by Fraust of the track In the Dark and from Do Your Worst. Many artists would be hard pressed as where to go and how to end an album after a powerhouse anthem such as Dead Like Me. Danny Blu ( makes a very wise move and chooses to end it on the dance floor. Hey, if you gotta go, then baby, go out dancing!

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